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Retrogression is a pioneering, and completely self sufficient crypto, film, NFT, gaming and film streaming ecosystem whereby the holders of the token earn profits from the revenue generated by the content and real world utilities we create.

An ecosystem created by creatives, to reward creatives and their communities through entertainment.

Welcome to the brave new RTGN world.

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Watch films. Earn CRI3.

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The first ever film Built from the ground up for Crypto.

Welcome to the first ever Hollywood blockbuster movie franchise completely developed from script stage to fully incorporate a cryptocurrency Metaverse, P2E gaming, NFT Marketplace, streaming platform and more.

Gaming on another level.

Explore the world of Retrogression. Earn the RTGN token while playing. Discover NFTs with real world value. Unlock areas of the world with these NFTs, and sell them on when you’re done. 

Retrogression are ushering in the next generation of interconnected gaming.

Our nfts are a game changer.

Imagine owning an immaculately rendered 3D weapon you found in a AAA video game, and then seeing that exact 3D rendered weapon in a blockbuster Hollywood film. Or imagine buying an NFT which gets you an executive producer credit. This is what Retrogression brings to the table.

You’ve never seen NFTs like this.

Own the token.
Profit from the films.

Like what you’ve seen so far? You’ll want to get some RTGN.

Our token is the heart of Retrogression. It extends to every branch of the project. Earn RTGN by watching shorts on Film Crib. Hold RTGN to play the game. Receive a share of the profits from the films in RTGN.

This is a long term project. Jump in and with us and enjoy the ride along the way.


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